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Welcome to Jacqueline, a beautiful collection of handmade artisan soaps and candles which have been inspired by hours of enjoying horticulture and being outdoors.

Jacqueline was created in 2018 by myself, Jacqueline Greenham. Ever since I took my first soap making course in 2017, I have enjoyed fragrance, oil and butter combining to create hydrating and restorative soaps that address the impact that long spells of being outdoors planting, seeding and weeding can have on my body!

After a career in Retailing and Speciality Insurance I had a desire to use all my skills to create a business that could benefit body and mind. Jacqueline is a relatively recent endeavor for me and quite a different professional path than the one I was previously on. My love of growing fruit, veg and flowers has led me to better understand the properties in plant life that are beneficial and restorative to our skin and mind. This passion has subsequently led me to develop my initial range of cold pressed soaps and candles which are heavily influenced by flora, scents and taking advantage of what nature has to offer. The range is inspired by the healing power of the oils, butters, herbs, plants and their botanical benefits on our skin and mind.

Jacqueline focuses on making soaps that nurture. I use both locally and internationally sourced high-quality ingredients to make a range of products that are safe, effective and affordable. All products are handmade and in small batches so as to ensure all customers get the very best in quality and freshness. Using ingredients such as avocado butter, sweet almond oil and coconut oil the touch and feel of the soaps is nourishing, moisturizing and creamy, leaving skin feeling hydrated.

These products are made with sustainably sourced food grade ingredients of natural and organic raw materials.

Equally important is relaxation and the environment we create for ourselves and the scent around us. The candle range aims to set the scene for a perfect environment to kick-off your shoes and have some “you time”, which underpin the roots of Jacqueline.


Jacqueline scents hope to create a feeling of being surrounded by plants and flowers, regardless of wherever you are.